Corporate Accounts

Your end-to-end transportation solution to organize your travel all in one place.

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Conveniently Manage Your Corporate Transportation Needs

We strive to be an indispensable resource for our clients. We can tailor our services to clients who require multiple trips a day or who only need taxi service at annual events: Holiday parties, staff parties, weddings, and conferences. Aaron will help you track your monthly expenses with customizable, detailed invoicing.

You can register online or call us at 705.670.0000 for more information regarding corporate accounts.

Easy Account Setup

Once you register your account, you can set up your profile in only a few minutes. Start here.

Seamless Team Onboarding

Link your corporate admin account to individual user accounts for convenient bookings. Grant access to multiple users from different departments or locations to manage their own transportation bookings.

Track Expenses in One Place

Monitor all your business transportation expenses and generate custom usage reports without keeping track of paper receipts.

The simple way to get people where they need to be: Aaron Taxi Corporate

The simple way to get people where they need to be: Aaron Taxi Corporate

  • Save time by booking rides instantly through the online portal. No need to wait by the phone.
  • Avoid delays and frustrations with flexible scheduled bookings. Arrange for a ride ahead of time.
  • View the cost of each trip with pricing transparency detailed in the online portal.
  • Access the current status of taxi reservations with real-time driver tracking.
  • Simplify billing by reviewing transportation usage and expense reports at a glance.
  • Skip the hassle of keeping receipts and paperwork for reimbursements.
  • Earn and enjoy corporate rates with promotions and loyalty benefits.

Elevate your transportation service offerings - a win for everyone.

Take advantage of these benefits for your customers, clients, patrons and guests -- even when they’re paying for their own ride.

Hospitality and Special Events

  • Reduce time spent waiting on hold for your front-of-house staff—booking and status check-ins are now all available with a click.
  • Consider installing a kiosk station so clients and guests and manage the entire booking process themselves.
  • Organize rides on behalf of your guests and customers for convenient travel to and from their destinations.
  • Enhance customer experience by keeping them informed of taxi arrivals with real-time tracking.
  • Deliver a great experience and treat your employees or guests by offering a safe and affordable ride to get to where they need to be.
  • Arrange reliable transportation to and from the airport to arrive on time.
  • Schedule travel for daily commuting and important meetings while you stay focused on business.
  • Offset the hassle of paying and looking for parking spots and returning the vehicle with the tank full enough.

Medical and Health

  • Provide reliable transportation to and from appointments and follow-ups, offering patients peace of mind.
  • Reduce scheduling congestion from late arrivals resulting in cancelled, rescheduled or missed appointments.
  • Take care of patients with transportation barriers by providing them with accessible transportation to get to the care they need.